American: Jalapeno
Tamil: milagai
Telugu: miripikaya
Hindi: mirchi

Indian food without chillies is like summer without sunshine. India is the largest producer and exporter of chillies in the world. Commercially, chillies are fruits of the capsicum species and may be classified on the basis of their colour, shape and pungency.Green Chilli Fresh unripe chillies come in various shades of green, from lime green to olive green. When buying fresh chillies, look for crisp unwrinkled ones that are waxy. Green chillies are used in virtually every savoury dish. On ripening chillies turn red from green. These are dried until they look like dark crumpled rubies. Indian red chillies are available both in fresh or dried form. These are shiny long chillies with a bright red colour and a crinkled waxy surface. They can be roasted and powdered or soaked in warm water and ground into a paste for a gravy and also to make a spicy garlic chutney.


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